How to Store Kid Art – KidFolio Review

 - by Mama Maintenance

With school now in full-swing, it feels like every week brings a new backpack full of art & projects.   For the first week or so, I’m happy to proudly display these items on walls, doors, and counters, but once the glitter, shredded wheat (Shredded Wheat Squirrel?!  That was a fun one to bring home – thanks, teachers…), and tissue paper start to leave a trail around the house, it’s time for these little masterpieces to find a new home.  I hate to admit that some of the lackluster pieces get tucked into the bottom of the recycle bin at night while the luckier ones achieve photo-archive status.  KIDFOLIOWhat, however, do I do with the elite bunch that warrant “preservation”-status?! 

I’ve searched for different art portfolio options before, and have found most to be a tad pricey and/or not large enough to hold a year’s worth of giant and/or 3-D projects.   This is why I was thrilled when I found KidFolio right here in Seattle.  Their product is basic, but brilliant.  Much larger than most folios, this durable, 25.5” x 19.5” x 4” cardboard box easily holds at least a year’s worth of mixed-media art without busting your budget.  At $8.95 + S/H each, they provide a great solution for the sentimental-yet-practical mom who needs way to manage constant influx of KidArt.  I bought one for each of our kids and store them in our hall closet, but they’d be perfect for under the bed, as well.  I love how I don’t need to file or fit the pieces of art into the box like a game of Jenga in order to get it to close.  I just prop open the top, toss in the art, and forget about it.  (At the risk of sounding less-than sentimental…)  Roomy, stackable, & cheap, I love these boxes.  I suspect I’ll buy a new batch next year, depending on how “creative” 2010-2011 proves to be. 

So do yourself a favor and get a jump start on that “Get Organized” action item that’s perpetually on your to-do list by snagging a couple of these, or surprise a mommy-friend with one as an inexpensive gift this holiday season.  It may seem random, but I know that I find it somewhat refreshing to receive a gift that I’ll actually use from time to time… one that almost completes a chore for me?   Even better. 

* Tip for Seattle residents: Last time I checked, you could contact Motek, Inc with your order and arrange a pick-up at their Fremont-area warehouse to reduce S/H charges.

 How do you display and store KidArt in your house?

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