Teach Your Kids to Count their Blessings – The Thanks-Tank

 - by Mama Maintenance

IMG_3466As my kids get older, I find myself searching for ways to teach them how to count their many blessings.  It’s a struggle to keep things from spiraling into a chorus of “I want…” and “Can we get…?” this time of year, especially with the fierce Holiday marketing everywhere we look.

In hopes of keeping the “Gimme’s” in-check, I created a Thanks-Tank at our house…  It’s an easy, inexpensive, compact, and colorful way to encourage the kids to count their blessings and give thanks each day.  For the month of November, I choose card-stock in bright, fall colors to create thank you cards for the kids to write on.  Each morning, my kids draw or write something down that they feel thankful for and toss it into the “tank”.  The responses are precious, hilarious, surprising, and sometimes illegible, but there is no doubt that many of these cards will be saved by me for years to come!


To create a Thanks-Tank of your own, you’ll need:

  • Large, clear vase
  • Several sheets of colored paper

 Helpful Equipment:

  • Paper cutter


  1. Determine the size of “notes” you’ll need, depending on the size of your vase
  2. Use the paper cutter to quickly cut large sheets of colored paper into several strips
  3. Cut each of these strips in half (or so)
  4. Fold each of these pieces to create ready-to-write cards


I prefer to use card stock that is folded, because I think it “stacks” better and resists nesting.


The first card my daughter filled out…  This is a keeper.


Although I was originally motivated to create this for the kids, they’ve inspired me so much that I now toss a note in the Thanks-Tank each morning as well!

What do you do to teach your kids how to be thankful? 

What special Holiday traditions do you have?

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